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Disaster Management Services (DMS)

Have you thought about what your organization would do if it experienced a large-scale disaster such as a fire, explosion, or multi-casualty accident? What if your enterprise fell victim to a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake? Have you considered how you would handle the wave of incoming calls from families and friends of employees, shareholders and the media?

Itís a fact - disasters occur every day. Yet often we donít address the full spectrum of our preparedness needs until we have been directly affected. Most organizations have plans in place to protect their data and evacuate their building. Unfortunately, many of these plans fail to address:

  • How to rapidly activate a coordinated disaster management response incorporating a call center, critical data feeds, and on-site support by trained mental health professionals.
  • How to manage the flood of incoming calls from multiple sources.
  • How to accurately and compassionately share sensitive information with callers, including those seeking knowledge about victims or missing persons.
  • How to coordinate call center services with on-site support staff and organizational representatives.

DMS addresses these needs and serves as an extension of your organization in the wake of a disaster. Our program is managed by staff with more than 10 years of direct experience providing specialized disaster management services to airlines, banks, government entities and other large organizations. Our activate-on-demand disaster response call center is staffed with behavioral health professionals who answer incoming calls, expedite accurate data dissemination, and provide emotional support and, when needed, emotional crisis intervention. Click here for more key features of our Disaster Management Services.

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