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Research Studies

NEAS is the primary partner in two national research studies designed to examine EAP-specific approaches to short-term intervention with employees. These are:

  Work and Health Initiative:
    NEAS is collaborating with Tufts University in exploring the efficacy of telephonic short-term Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address depression and its impact in the workplace. If the treatment model proves effective, it will provide an evidence-based approach to treating mild to moderately depressed employees within an EAP format.
  Healthy Lifestyles Project (HeLP):
    HeLP is a partnership between NEAS and RTI (Research Triangle Institute) that examines EAP-based intervention with so-called "risky drinkers," rather than alcoholics per se. If the intervention model proves successful, it will be broadly applicable within and beyond the EAP field. Because risky drinkers constitute the largest population of actual or potential abusers of alcohol, an intervention model for this group holds significant potential for addressing the impact of "problem drinkers" in the workplace.


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